Silverlight, Popfly, and other Software Trailers

I'm very lucky to be working with a bunch of bright young people. Well they don't always think of themselves as young but since I have a son older than most of them they seem young to me. These guys are talented in many areas but it is their use of new media that I probably admire most. You may be seeing some of this as well. It's a multi-media world these days.

So Cy Khormaee recently came up with the idea of software trailers. Sort of like movie trailers these would be little snippets of video that introduce the idea of software tools and products. Cy has recorded several of them and posted them on his blog here. Go take a look. The are trailers for Popfly, Silverlight and for Windows Live. I'm thinking this is something the IT world needs more of. Seriously.

And speaking of both Silverlight and smart guys on my team, the irrepressible Dan Waters has created another good introductory video - this one on Silverlight. If Cy's trailer leaves you wanting for more then check out Dan's video. It's about 15 minutes long and shows you had to set up a nice little application using Silverlight.

Popfly and Windows Live are both completely free BTW. And everything you need for Silverlight can be gotten through MSDN AA (high school) or, if you are a college student, through Dreamspark. For high school students Dreamspark will be available in the fall.

Comments (2)

  1. Ben Chun says:

    The first software trailer (aside from games) that I ever saw was the demo for Dabble DB, and that was about a year ago.  They called it the "8-minute demo":

    But it’s a different thing Cy has going — even more bite-sized.  I like the concept.

  2. Cy_k says:

    I really liked that dabble demo – very good IF you’re already interested.  Question is how do you engage with a passive online audience to get them engaged (trailers are a first shot at this)?  Hopefully 30 seconds isn’t too long 🙂

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