So You Want A Job in the Software Industry

Clint Rutkas has been doing a lot of interviewing lately. At a number of events he has been interviewing software professionals about what it takes and what people need to know to prepare for a career in the software industry.

His most recent interview is with Miguel de Icaza.  He is the Vice President of the Developer Platform at Novell and does the Mono Project. Now even though he is working for a real company Miguel is a real leader in the open source development world. The Mono project is creating open source versions of .NET and related technology originally created by Microsoft but released in open specifications.

In this interview on Channel 8 Miguel talks about the Mono project and about open source development. Specifically he talks about ways that students can get involved in open source with Mono or through the Summer of Code open source projects funded by Google.

Clint also has two other sets of interviews with people in industry.

And as a reminder the How Software Is Built web site has a number of interviews with software professionals in both open source and proprietary development organizations.

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