Time To Take Out The Garbage – The Interview

Channel 9 is one of my favorite tech websites. It's designed and targeted for professional developers but I find that a lot of the videos have educational value for anyone seriously interested in computer science and technology. Many of the videos are grouped into regular shows. Some of them I pay particular attention to.

This Week on Channel 9 is a new talk show that stars a couple of people I've known for a while (Dan Fernandez and Brian Keller). I'd have watched once just because I know them but I'm watching regularly now because the show is interesting and fun.

WM_IN or Women in Microsoft is a long time favorite of mine. In these series they interview women who work in various roles at Microsoft and with technology. There are inspiring stories here and it is great to get a chance for people to see the female faces of technology.

Behind the Code is the show I find myself referring people to most often for "education topics" though. In this series Microsoft’s most influential technical employees are interviewed. The interviews cover important technical content as explained by some of the field's top experts. More then that though the interviews cover how these people got into the field and how their careers developed over time.

In the interview that inspired the title to this post Patrick Dussud talks about garbage collection, what it means, why it matters, and how it works. It's an interesting interview with an interesting man. In the beginning, as a student, he had a difficult time getting computer time. Students who have easy access to computers and software may find that part of his life interesting and different.

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