Tablet PCs in the K12 Classroom

I found a bunch of new information and case studies about schools using Tablet PCs across the curriculum and thought I would share it. It's not computer science but since it is technology in the classroom and using technology to teach better I thought people might be interested. 

Jim Vanides over at HP blogged about a new Math System for use in elementary schools that is based on the Tablet PC. The software is from Carnegie Mellon and they are looking for schools/teachers to help them test and refine it. Visit their site here for more information. Jim also talks about a new book on Tablet PCs in the K-12 environment that is available from ISTE  that looks interesting.

Microsoft has published a new case study on  how the Forest Ridge school (a private all-girls school) is using Tablet PCs and OneNote 2007. There is an article and a video here.

BTW you can look at OneNote to see other blog posts I have written about OneNote and Tablets to see posts I have written about Tablet PCs.

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