Pre-Collegiate Faculty Connection Site For CS, Technology and Math Education

Microsoft’s new Pre-Collegiate Faculty Connection site is where K-12 educators can access resources developed for middle school and high school technology, computer science and math teachers. It's actually been open for a while but only last week did a discussion forum capability get added. To me the ability for teachers to talk and share ideas and ask questions was and is a key component of any community site. So now that a forum is available I thought it time to talk about it.

Besides the forum one of the other key pieces of this site is the Academic Resource Center. At the ARC teachers can find a variety of curriculum resources from individual units and supplemental materials to complete courses. There is some very good stuff there that has been used at schools all over the world. It's worth checking out.

The forum can be accessed several ways. If you visit the site and click on the Forum menu item you will be taken to a web based reader/writer for contributing. You can also go directly to Microsoft's community forum at this link. If you are an old school Internet user and are comfortable with USENET style news groups you can add microsoft.public.facultyconnection.k-12teachers to your newsgroup reader. (I use Outlook Express myself.) If your current NNTP server does not show microsoft.public.facultyconnection.k-12teachers then create a link to and you should find it easily. A few people have joined the conversation already but more are always welcome. Come help build a community.

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