How Software Is Built – Updated

It's been about five months since I wrote about a then new site called How Software Is Built and a lot has gone on since then. They have added a bunch of new interviews since then with the five in December bringing the total up to 23. And I know that a lot of new semesters are starting and some of you may be interested in pointing students to these interviews.

What is the site? From their about page:

How Software Is Built is a blog forum created by Microsoft to encourage community dialogue about open source and proprietary software development models.

Industry IT professionals, Scott Swigart and Sean Campbell are driving this project . The aim is to create a forum that will facilitate a lively community discussion and help gather insights from a large audience interested in this topic. Ongoing discussions have been held with various industry subject matter experts to help gather different perspectives on both open source and proprietary software development models. The transcripts are posted on this blog forum.

So there are interviews with Microsoft developers but also developers from other companies (Sun and Adobe included) as well as people deeply involved in the Open Source development community. A good exchange of ideas is being made.

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