Technology Questions for a Teacher Interview

Jeff Utecht is a really cool teacher with a very interesting blog. Jeff is a K-12 Technology Specialist at Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China. I've actually met him briefly at NECC and he's a great guy. He's also very much on top of educational technology. So when he posted a list of technology related questions for teacher interviews its not surprising that it is a great set of questions.

In this post Jeff lists a number of questions that a school that  "schools who have decided to make 21st Century Learning a priority" should be asking. Personally I believe that principals and school districts should be raising their sights on technology competence for teachers, especially younger teachers. We wouldn't accept ignorance of basic writing and math skills in a teacher. Nor would we accept that they didn't know how to use basic research and teaching tools. Today those basic research and teaching tools are increasingly computer and technology related. Can we really have technophobes doing a great job teaching today's multi-media and online generation? Not easily.

Check out Jeff's questions. Are they the right ones? What would you add or subtract and why? Do you even care about how much teachers know about usign technology? I'd love the hear thoughts from others.

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  1. Jeff Utecht says:

    Thanks Alferd,

    Like you if nothing else I hope these questions help raise awareness in administrators that are in 21st Century Schools that technology skills do matter, just as teaching math or writing matters. What I have found is that teachers that use technology themselves, and teachers are continue to learn on their own are open to new ideas and willing to learn how these new tools change the way we teach and learn.

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