A Protractor Compared to a Non-pro Tractor?

This video from MathMovesU is either funny or scary depending on how you view it. They sent some students on the streets of Boston to ask adults questions about math. Easy stuff like "what is a protractor?" and what is 52 times 2.

Can you imagine what the answers would be like on computer science questions?

In any case this highlights some of the problems students run into when they try to get help for school work from parents and the other adults in their life. My wife (who is a middle school teacher and who also teaches GED preparation) has gotten calls from friends and relatives to help children with their school work over the years. I'm not sure what others do if they don't know someone who can help.

And how do you convince children that something is important to learn if it is not important enough for adults to remember? I have no answers but I am hopeful that online sites like perhaps MathMovesU can help. At least kids have some place to go.

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