Tetris for Small Basic

Talk about a great sample of the week – the Small Basic blog announces a version of the classic Tetris written in Small Basic. At a little over 500 lines of code (530ish) its a pretty cool and yet manageable game program. If you were thinking of writing a version of Tetris of your own…


Software Modeling

So have you unpacked your Christmas gifts, eaten your fill of the holiday feast or perhaps you don’t celebrate Christmas and the whole Internet seems quiet and boring? Maybe you are looking to learn something new? Perhaps explore the idea of software modeling? Or maybe you have heard about Oslo – some new project from…


Students Need Internet-Safety Education

According to this article (Sending racy photos is common among teens) in eSchool News, some 22% of teenage girls and 11% of girls 13-16 send nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves to others. Some 18% of boys are sending similar pictures of themselves as well. One third of teen boys and one quarter of teen…


One More Reason I’m Proud of Working For Microsoft

Interesting article about “a survey of major corporations [of which companies are] doing the best job of investing in its community. The survey was part of a study published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.” Microsoft named top U.S. company for community investment in survey of peers…


Why Do So Many Programmers Use One Character Index Variables

There is a commercial on TV these days where a little girl is helping her mother and grandmother prepare a large turkey for a holiday dinner. The little girl asks the older women why the turkey only has one leg. The other leg has been cut off and the older women explain that this is…


What Would a 2000 Year Old Computer Look Like?

A British museum has rebuilt a 2000-year old computer initially used by the Greeks. The ruins of this computer were found 100 years ago and only recently has it been possible to study the device well enough to reconstruct it. Interestingly enough the original and the new reproduction were both made from recycled parts. Check…


Free EBooks From Microsoft Learning

I was checking the Microsoft Learning blog the other day and saw this announcement of some free eBooks as Microsoft Press continues its 25th Anniversary eBook giveaway. The books below are only available until December 24th so grab them now if they look interesting. I’ve grabbed a copy of Writing Secure Code for Vista myself….


Teacher Tech Tuesdays January 2009

The Teacher Tech Tuesday program (last blogged about here) is dedicated to helping teachers and academic administrators get more out of Microsoft products. The goal is to help bring technology in to classrooms as a tool to teach other subject and not just to teach technology for the sake of technology. I just received the…


Small Basic 0.2 Goes Live

The latest update of Small Basic went live this week. I wrote about Small Basic once before. The latest version includes a list of improvements, additions and bug fixes. See also the Small Basic forums or the Small Basic Blog for more information. At a high level, this release includes the following updates: Bug fixes…


Free Online Career Development Course Now Available to 16 Million Students Nationwide

Do you know students who are wondering “What do I want to be when I grow up?” It’s a hard question and students look in all directions for answers. Recently Microsoft and the Michigan Virtual University released an online “course” for students to use to do some self evaluation to try to help answer that…