Higher Algebra with Visual Basic

Here's something for the math teachers. And the people who are teaching computer science but who would really rather be teaching math. Or perhaps the people who just want to learn how to do some really mathematical things in a computer program.

Brian Beckman is a physicist and computer scientist who works on programming language development. In a new video on Channel 9 he mixes an education in advanced algebra (vectors and matrices) with some advanced programming concepts (generics and operator overloading).

It's all done with Visual Basic .NET which Brian is a huge proponent of using. I think you'll find the interview and demo shows that there is an awful lot of power and flexibility in Visual Basic. But perhaps better still the demo ties math and programming together very well.

Brian has written more details and shows sample code here at the VB Team blog. Its a good companion piece to the interview. This is not beginner stuff BTW. Not in math or in programming. But it is interesting.

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