Third Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development in Computer Science Education

The last two winters Microsoft and Microsoft Research have partnered to host a conference on game development in computer science education. Between the high quality of academic papers and the support through attendance and participation of commercial game development and game tool creating companies this has quickly become one of the most anticipated conferences of the year. This year's conference is co-sponsored by ACM/SIGCSE and Electronic Arts.

In the past we've had a very small number of high school teachers at the conference. This year I have been given leave to create a special high school computer science track for the conference and to encourage high school teachers to attend. We're still working on the track but already there are some great things lined up that I think will make this a valuable experience.

The current list of confirmed GDCSE’08 general session & tech talk speakers includes people from the Alice project at Carnegie Mellon, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Bungie (the people who create Halo). A large number of university faculty will also be talking about how they use game development to teach computer science concepts. 

Please look at this page for information on the conference and contact me at (alfredth (at) or though the blog contact page) if you have any questions.BTW High school teachers can get a 50% reduction in the cost of the conference. Contact me for details.

Oh did I mention that the conference is on a cruise ship leaving from Florida?

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    Can you check the link. I get a file has no data error.

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    It’s working now. May have been a hickup in the system. As a backup try

  3. Well I must confess that I am struggling to get back into the whole "doing work" thing after taking the

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