Stephen Downes on EduBlogs

There are a couple of reasons to link to this post by Stephen Downes. The best reason is because he has a wonderful list of very worthwhile blogs and blog posts there. Now you could say I am biased because he lists this blog but in all honesty I'd link to it even if I wasn't  there. Stephen has one of the best "fingers on the pulse" of education blogging of anyone I know so when he puts together a list you know there is not only serious thought behind it but a lot of knowledge based on experience.

I do recommend his list. I was disappointed in some (though not all) of the ways the EduBlog awards went this year. Of course you can't please everyone and not everyone can win. Stephen's list though is a great second look at what has been good in the education blogosphere in the last year. It's well worth a read.

And in my defense (if I need one) a link to his blog is the least I can do to thank him for the link to mine.

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