Tablet PC Tips on Video

The Tablet PC Education blog points out that Jim Vanides has created some videos to show instructors how to get more out of their Tablet PCs. SO far there are three in his series:

  1. How to use ink to annotate PowerPoint slides - did you know you could do that? And then you can save the notes if you want and distribute them to students. or just same them to update the slide in a more fancy way later.

  2. Advantages of Microsoft Journal over PowerPoint - Journal might just be a hidden gem of a tool.

  3. Using ink to mark up and otherwise annotate homework from students - skip that whole print everything out step and do it all on soft copy. Neat stuff.

I'm sure Jim will be adding to this. I know he is interested in hearing from teachers as to interesting ways they are using Tablet PCs or things they want someone to explain.

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  1. bushib says:

    By B.Bashir

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  2. I've noticed a lot of talk about using technology to teach. Not just teaching the technology as a

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