Phun with Phishing

OK maybe phun (or even fun) isn't quite the word but some people at Carnegie Mellon University Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory have come up with an educational game to teach young people about phishing attacks called Anti-Phishing Phil. It's a cute little game where a fish tries to avoid getting caught on fish hooks by identifying which URLs are legitimate and which are actually impostor sites.It was fun for me. I think it would be fun for others. I am a kid at heart after all.

To be honest I missed one (ok maybe it was two could be three) of the URLs the first time through. There are some clever people out there trying to trick people into giving away personal information. While advanced features in phishing detection are being built into mail clients and web browsers these days, there is really nothing better then an educated user. Even some know it all middle and high school kids may find that they have a harder time with this game then they'd like to admit.

And for more information either as backup or for older learners who are not willing to give a game a try take a look at Microsoft's anti-phishing resource center. There you can learn more about Microsoft's approach towards using technology, collaboration and of course education to help combat phishing.

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