High School Internships at Microsoft

Microsoft brings in a large number of interns each summer. Almost all of them are undergraduate or graduate students at some university. I get asked about internships for high school students all the time but they are pretty rare. For the most part high school internships are only available to students who live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State near Microsoft's corporate headquarters.

Still for those students who get one it is a pretty cool deal. Channel 8 recently posted an interview with one of the approximately 30 high school interns Microsoft brought on this past summer. Unlike a lot of internships for high school students this student worked on a real project that was a more than busy work. He is helping to document informal processes so that the group can survive the "hit by a bus" problem. Watch the interview to see what that is all about.

Microsoft Research brings in a lot of graduate students to work on research projects - projects with high risks of failure but with high hopes of creating the next great thing. Channel 8 also posted an interview with one of these interns as well.

For more information about Microsoft internships check out the Internships link in the student section of Microsoft's careers page.

And check out Channel 8 regularly for videos and articles of interest to students.



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