Tablet PCs in Action in the Classroom

OK this is too cool not to share. On Monday I blogged about the Thomas Jefferson school that uses Tablet PCs in the classroom. Yesterday I found out that the school was on local TV with coverage on how the Tablets are being used. They have the video up at the school web site.

It's a great video done by the local TV news team. They show the Tablet PCs being used in a calculus class, interview some teachers and students and talk about how the PCs are changing the way classes are being taught. The teachers report that they are still learning new ways to use the Tablets.

The video also show some great interaction and sharing using OneNote. Robert Carlson from the school tells me that "Using OneNote with the wireless projectors has been an amazing paradigm shift in the classroom." And from the interviews in this video I can believe it.

The teacher talks about how easy it becomes to save the class notes for students who are out of class or who just want good notes to review. It's pretty cool stuff. I think you can see that I am a big OneNote fan. It just seems to be an under appreciated gem of a piece of software to me.


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Comments (2)

  1. TJinbelfast says:

    Hi Alfred,

    Thanks for being a terrific source for this type of content. I’m will be doing some work with tablets and OneNote with schools from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the coming months and this is a great resource.



  2. Michael says:

    There is also a really great video of a teacher presenting to the school board using a Tablet and a wireless projector.  I haven’t been able to get the stream to open today but hopefully that is only temproary.

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