New XNA Book – Sample Chapters Available

I love Rob Miles blog. If there is a post from Rob in my RSS reader it is likely to be one of the first things I read. Rob is on the faculty of the University of Hull in England and is a real teacher. By that I mean he seems to really enjoy teaching and sharing what he knows with students. That is my kind of teacher.  I also find that the clear and often humorous style he uses in his blog carries over to his more technical writing as well.

Understand that Rob and I are both of the "bad jokes" school of teaching. That is to say that if we are not having fun we don't really expect that students are having much fun either. And if no one is having fun what's the point anyway?

So when I heard that Rob was writing a new text book on programming with XNA my first question was "when can I get a copy?"

Well the book is not done yet but Rob has made a sample chapter (chapter one you'll be surprised to hear) available from his web site. I've skimmed though it and I like where it is going. I imagine that some people will want a dry, boring and stuffy book about game programming. Those people will hate this book. But if you are interested in learning/teaching XNA with some room for fun (fun? with game programming? Imagine that!) this looks like a book to keep an eye out for. [Note: Chapter 2 is up now as well]

Oh and by the way, Rob Miles was one of the judges for the Imagine Cup finals in Korea recently and his blog has some reports from there that you may find interesting. Some great pictures too!

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