Fonts, computers and road signs

One of the things that increased use of computers as devices for generating words for people to read has caused is a lot more research on fonts as they relate to readability. Philip DesAutels, a manager in the Academic Relations group at Microsoft, wrote recently about this set of connections. He starts with a discussion of new fonts that were created for Windows Vista and wraps up with some research that is leading to new fonts being used on road signs.

As Philip puts it so well:

This is a great example of technology diffusing itself widely and out into fields that are far from computer programming and a great example of why technology skills are so important as a compliment to your domain of choice. From designing to analyzing to marketing this breakthrough, technology has served as an essential enabler ...

I'm seeing relevance and connection between computer technology and other fields every day. How many students are aware of  these connections though? How many school administrators and school boards are realizing just how important a background in technology is becoming. And in how fast it is becoming so important?


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