Maybe I Should Go On Vacation More Often

You may not have noticed but I have been away on vacation the last two weeks. I was out of the country (mostly in Norway with some short stays in Iceland and Sweden) and really didn't have Internet access or time to use it when I did have it. Before I left though I wrote nine posts and queued them up to show up while I was away.

And while I was away some conversation broke out. Six of the nine posts have a total of 15 comments and trackbacks. The last post before I left which I didn't have a chance to really monitor had several as well. I'm not sure if I just got lucky or what but I was really pleased to see the activity.

The post on "why would anyone want to teach high school computer science" had the most activity with 8 comments. I haven't had a chance to weigh in with more thoughts of my own but I will once I get caught up on things. I had about 1,000 email messages waiting my attention and I don't even want to talk about how many unread blog posts there are in my RSS reader!

I have a number of things to blog about soon. Several of the email message I have read already have information well worth sharing. Hopefully I'll get to them soon. Likewise I expect there are a lot of good useful posts to link to in my RSS reader. So things will be back to normal here soon. In the mean time I hope people will continue to join the conversations in posts already made and in the ones soon to come.

I hope those of you who are taking vacations this summer (especially the teachers who read here) have as great a time on vacation as I have had.

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