Windows SteadyState replaces Shared Computer Toolkit

How does Blake Handler always see these announcements before I do? The man is amazing. Good thing I read his blog or the presentation I am giving next week at the CS & IT Symposium would have stale data. OK what am I rambling about now?

Windows SteadyState is the 2.0 version of what used to be called the Shared Computer Toolkit. This is a tool for managing and protecting computers that are shared my many people. Things like libraries, school classrooms and computer labs and even Internet Cafés. it lets you protect your C drive, limit activities that users can do and otherwise simplify managing a shared or public computer.

The handbook with installation and setup instructions can be found here. Summer time is just the time to think about how to manage computers in a lab next school year. I'd love to hear from people who have used this or otherwise looked at it seriously.

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