Fun and Educational Posts on the Visual Basic Team Blog

The Visual Basic team blog has had quite a run of great posts lately. The topics have been very interesting to me on several levels but one that really hits home to me is that they are very approachable. By that I mean one doesn't have to be a professional developer or some sort of advanced graduate student to understand them. A lot of them are, you should excuse the pub, pretty basic.

Lisa Feigenbaum has a post on customizing your menus in Visual Studio for example. And two on using shortcut keys that you may find useful. (here and here) Lisa really knows what's in the IDE and I have learned a lot from her posts.  

Matt Gertz has a nine part series on programming at game of Euchre. That's a card game BTW. I knew a lot of people who played it in college but never learned it myself. Be that as it may, Matt's series is a great way to learn how to write a card game program in Visual Basic.

Recently Matt started a two part series on overloading operators using matrix operations as the sample/case study. The first in the series is here.  Sample code is provided.

And that is just a sample of what is going on over there. If you are teaching (or learning) Visual basic that is a blog you will want to follow. And if you are looking for some projects to keep your advanced students busy or for them to use as semester end projects some of Matt's posts may give them some ideas and a kick start in the right direction.

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