Bits & Bytes – Getting the Concepts Down

Among the beginning materials at the Beginner Developer Learning Center are the Bits & Bytes series of lessons. These lessons which can be read online or listened to as audio files (you can download both text and audio if you want) introduce some of the most basic and important concepts in computer science - no programming required.

I think these lessons would be good in a computer concepts/literacy course or as starters in a computer programming class. In fact they are probably good for someone who just wants a clue as to what this computer programming stuff is all about. Highly recommended.

[Note: Edited to correct links.]

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Comments (3)

  1. Brian S says:

    Those links don’t work.

  2. Sorry about that. They have been fixed.

  3. Rob Miles says:

    This is good stuff. Next semester I’m delivering a new "Programming Fundamentals" course and I think I’ll use this material for the first few lectures.

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