Edubloggercon 2007 – the place for education bloggers to meet

I received the following announcement in email the other day.

Edubloggercon 2007 - This first-ever, international, one-of-a-kind all-
day "meetup" of educational bloggers will take place on Saturday, June
23rd, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta just before
the start of NECC (
All are invited-whether you yourself blog, are just an educational
blog reader, or even just want to hang out with an interesting group
of people. The event is free, and you can indicate that you are coming
(and see who else will be there) at the Edubloggercon wiki:
Edubloggercon 2007 will be unique in that it is going to be organized
by the participants in real time at the wiki. We have access all that
day to the large Open Source Pavilion room at the Conference Center
and there will be free wi-fi: beyond that is up to you. So come join
the discussion and help us plan a fun and stimulating experience.

This looks like it will be a great event. I am hoping to make it myself for the chance to connect and learn from education bloggers from around the country and the world.


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