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Well I am in Atlanta Georgia this week for the FIRST Robotics Championship. If you're here also look me up. If I'm not in the Supplier Exhibit area very likely I'm hanging out with people from Team 811 which I helped start a few years ago.

Looking though things I realized that I never blogged about the lasted Microsoft Robotics Studio announcements. They have announced version 1.5 of the Robotics Studio and things are looking pretty impressive. The Visual Programming Environment has been improved. The simulation environment has been improved. And as you might expect even more hardware is being supported. The list of hardware partners has grown to impressive numbers. Personally I'm excited about the iRobot Create support. It's supported both for real live hardware and in the simulator.

Among other simulations now available is a Sumo Robot simulation that uses simulated iRobot Create robots.This year at the Microsoft Mobile & Embedded DevCon (MEDC) 2007, starting in Las Vegas Apr30-May3 and continuing to select MEDCs around the world, Microsoft Robotics Studio will power the sumo robot competition. Information about the sumo robot competition at MEDC and how you can get involved even if you are not going to MEDC can be found here. There is a soccer bot simulation available as well in case you're not into sumo.

Next week I will be in Redmond WA (Microsoft Corporate HQ) and I have a meeting scheduled with the Microsoft Robotics Group. I'm hoping to learn more about what's currently supported and perhaps a little about their upcoming plans.



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  1. Cool! I was just down at the competition as a visitor today. My students are very excited about putting together a VEX Challenge team for next year.

    The competition was amazing especially because students ruled the day. Every time I saw a teacher, they were in the background.

    I’m also very impressed at the support these teams get from corporate America.

  2. AlfredTh says:

    Sorry we didn’t run into each other. I always enjoy meeting teachers around the country. I’m pretty excited about the VEX Challenge program myself. I think for a lot of smaller schools or for other schools that want to get started with robots on a smaller scale it is a real oppertunity.

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