Today’s Announcements and Random Useful Links

CMU Center for Computational Thinking

This actually came out Monday but MSR and Carnegie Mellon announced the new Microsoft Carnegie Mellon Center for Computational Thinking. The part of this announcement that excites me is this sentence "In addition, the center will develop and disseminate courses and curricula suitable for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as K–12 classes." [Emphasis mine]

Tech Apprentice Program in Boston

The TechApprentice Program is a seven-week internship program for high school seniors and juniors in Boston and the Metro Boston area. It is a a great program and they are looking for more Boston area companies to get involved. This is a great opportunity to get some bright motivated student into a company and to help contribute towards "feeding the pipeline."

New Robotics Online Forums

The Microsoft Robotics Studio team just opened a bunch of online forums for discussion different aspects of their program.


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