Game Camp Canada

Well the Canadian Academic Team are at it again. They've just opened a new site to help people create their own Game Camps. Or you can go there and find out about new Game Camps as they become scheduled. The site is called the Develop Mental Institute and it is an interesting looking site to say the least.

So what is a Game Camp?

Game Camp is a workshop that is organized by volunteers who have information and ideas about programming games that they want to share. At the Develop Mental Institute site you will find content, tools and other resources to help create and run your own Game Camp.

What is The Develop Mental Institute?

The Develop Mental Institute is a virtual building where you can find out about planned Game Camps, find free resources for leading your own Game Camp, and interact with a rather interesting web site.

Oh and besides information about Game Camp, the site has tons of hidden features and games. Every element of the website is related to a famous game in history. Try to find them all!

They keep doing fun stuff like this in Canada and I may have to move north. Oh yeah the resources are available to people outside of Canada as well.

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