AP CS Conversation Follow Up

My post on the AP CS exam gathered a bunch of comments. Some of them on the post itself and some of them on other blogs. Below I link to the other blog posts that I know about so far. Join the conversation here or there or elsewhere. 

Brian Scarbeau - Brian is pretty frustrated with the AP CS exam. between changes for new language features and colleges not giving credit for it and 11 years of struggle under his belt he's about ready to let someone else take over.

Kathleen Weaver - Kathleen agrees that there is too much material in the AP CS courses. She likes the case study though and doesn't want to see the language change again. She likes Java because of all the free materials that are available. She would like to see universities provide more help for HS CS teachers though. I agree with her on that one.

In fact I think that more college professors should step forward and help grade the AP CS exam. Perhaps if more of them did that they'd have a better appreciation for what goes into that course and more kids would get credit.

Chris Higgins - Chris has seen the exam from both sides. He took it as a student and is now teaching it. As a new teacher he is working hard to do right by his students. He's not that impressed with the need for the case study but he did find that he was way ahead (after taking AP CS as a student) when he got to college.

 Dave Jacobus - Dave doesn't mind Java but does miss being able to use Visual Studio in his AP CS course. The new features in Java that the test requires have not been implemented in J# (Java language for .NET) and that means he has to use other tools that he doesn't find as helpful.


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