Using the Wii Controller from Windows using C# or VB

Thanks to a link from Dan Fernandez I found out that Coding 4 Fun has information about programming the Wiimote (Wii Game Controller) using either Visual Basic .NET or C#. There is sample code and instructions. Looks interesting even if I don't have a Wii. Maybe I'll buy a controller.


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  1. bryan says:

    LOL.. Well so much for that surprise. My students have put together a library for the Wii and so far have one game (Darts) almost finished and a second (Pool) started. The controller works really well and I don’t know what’s more fun watching the students contort themselves while trying to "Throw" the dart or whine  when they only hit the board for 2 points, “Oh That was a bull’s-eye!”

  2. AlfredTh says:

    Someone sent me this link ( to someone who used a hack to get the Wiimote to talk to his Xbox 360 as well.

  3. I've written before about the Wii controller with links to software that allows a programmer to use

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