IEEE History Center: Oral Histories and Engineering Stories

The IEEE History Center announced recently that they have added 75 oral histories to their collection.

There are interviews with all kinds of engineers and not just computer or Internet related people. Anyone interested in the history of engineering will likely find this collection of interviews of value. It is not just American engineers either. There is a while collection of interviews (in English) with Japanese engineers.

On the computer and electronics side though there are interviews like Robert Noyce talking about the events that led to his development of the integrated circuit. Wm. Ross Aiken talking about the invention of the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). Vinton Cerf talking about the ARPANET and the origins of the term "Internet." And many more.

This looks to be a link that students doing research papers or just learning about how we got where we are would find useful and helpful. Just the thing to bring up during National Engineering Week too!


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