Learning Network Manager

I found this via a link from Dominic's blog. It looks like jsut the thing to help make life easier for people who manage school computer labs. It's called the Learning Network Manager and it is an open source project. The description from the web site is as follows:

Project Description
What Is the Learning Network Manager? The Learning Network Manager (LNM) offers a standard way of setting up and configuring computer labs, while reducing support and training requirements. It provides a controllable infrastructure that can be customised to meet the needs of individual institutions, ensuring that they can build on existing investments. Implemented as a layer on top of Microsoft Windows Server™2003, Learning Network Manager makes it easy to create and manage end users, computer groups, new PCs, and Internet access. Once installed, it automates many common tasks including software upgrades and enhances security, stability, and privacy of information. Learning Network Manager prolongs system life and makes it easier to recycle old machines for reuse in modern, efficient networks. Learning Network Manager also supports the teaching process by supporting e-learning across most network topologies. And because only basic IT skills are required, busy IT teams or even teachers can set up a network with only a few keystrokes.

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