Feedburner Address for Subscriptions

I'm trying to get a little better information about traffic on my blog. Please subscribe using (or change the address you are currently using to subscribe to)  the address 


 for this blog. I'd really appreciate it.

Comments (2)

  1. What’s in it for subscribers?

    Nothing. And the links load more slowly.

  2. AlfredTh says:

    If I ever move the blog than Feedburner will redirect automatically. That is probably the biggest benefit for readers. If you are finding that using the Feedburner link adds an unpleasent loading delay than don’t use it. I can understand that. My own luck with the feeds I do read using feedburner links has not been bad or I’d not try it for this one. But of course your mileage may vary and you should do what works best for you.

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