Two Mice, Two Cursors, One PC

What would you do if you could write a program that supported two mice and two cursors on the same PC? The new MultiPoint technology announced from Microsoft lets you do just that. This software was developed by Microsoft Research India to allow more children to be activily involved in learning using smaller numbers of computers. There is a video on Channel 9 about it.

Here, we dig into what MultiPoint is, how it works and why we created this new technology with some of the folks behind it: Sherri Bealkowski, General Manager, Ravi Soin, Product Unit Manager and Jed Rose, Product Manager.

MultiPoint will have a tremendous impact on education and developers will be able to create innovative applications using MultiPoint technology starting in January with the release of the MultiPoint SDK (Alpha). The potential of this new technology is huge.

The video talks about the software and what some of the educational possibilities are. They also talk about the possibility of one computer controlling not just two mice but two monitors. There are all sorts of newpossibilities for people with some imagination. Watch the video and start imaging the possibilities.

Comments (2)

  1. Doug says:

    I wonder what is next, two keyboards?

  2. AlfredTh says:

    There is some talk about a second keyboard as well. So potentially you could have two mice, two keyboards and two screens on one computer. That would be pretty sweet I think.

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