XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 Now Available

I see in the XNA blog that the version 1.0 version of XNA Game Studio Express has now been released. This means that people can now start buying subscriptions to the XNA Creators Club from the Xbox Live Marketplace on their Xbox 360 console if they have an active silver or gold Xbox Live subscription. I have to wait until Christmas because I bought an Xbox 360 for my wife and I don't want to give it to her early. No, really, it is for her. I am hoping she'll let me play with it though. I mean I am hoping that she will let me get some development work done with it. Yeah, development work.

In any case if you were waiting for the release to start trying this our and seeing how it might fit into a programming course now is the time. With Christmas break coming up soon I expect that a lot of people will a) be getting Xbox 360s and b) having some time to look into what can be done with them. If you have students who think they want to be game developers and that they have the chops to cut it in that competitive world the XNA GSE gives them a chance to prove it. Send them to Coding 4 Fun where there is a tutorial to get them going on their first game -Tiny Tennis.


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  1. Brian S says:

    You can check your pc to see if it has video capability to run XNA by going here and running the program. http://www.bluerosegames.com/brg/xnaverify/publish.htm

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