Computer Science Unplugged Videos Online

Peter Henderson from Butler University let me know that there are now some videos on the Computer Science Unplugged program online.

Computer Science Unplugged

This is a 50 minute talk by Tim Bell, an Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Tim talks about the project, how he uses it to teach and shows some of the interesting projects he uses in this talk.

Computer Science Unplugged Part 1: Binary counting

A four minute demonstration of one of the binary counting activities from the "Computer Science Unplugged" project.

Computer Science Unplugged Part 2: Sorting networks

A two minute demonstration of the sorting network activity from "Computer Science Unplugged" project.

Computer Science Unplugged Part 3: Parity Magic Trick

A one minute demonstration of the parity magic trick from "Computer Science Unplugged" project. You'll want to watch the 50 minute talk, visit the web site or get the book to really understand how it works unless you already understand parity.


Some of these videos you could probably use in class, the Binary counting one in particular. The others are useful to help one understand the exercises well enough to use them in class as actual hands-on activities.



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