Where to learn about using XNA

Krishna Kumar in my group has just opened up a blog with a focus on XNA. In his "welcome to my blog" post Krishna lays out his proposed "program of studies." If you are interested in XNA you will want to either subscribe to his blog or at least set it as a favorite in your web browser of choice so you can follow along at home. Krishna is so far ahead of me on XNA that it is almost embarrassing. More of a teaser from Krishna's blog.

Moving onto what this space will offer and how this will differ from the 100 other sites that are inevitably going to mushroom around XNA, the focus of this space is to provide a very strong foundation on which to base your XNA programming adventures. We won't just be looking at how to modify 1 or 2 lines of code in the starter kits. We will be talking about the foundations of the technology, get a deep understanding of the underpinnings of XNA, D3D and graphics in general so that when as you program XNA, you do so as an L33T and not a script kiddie.

In short, this will be the next best thing to taking a Computer Science course in Graphics using XNA, only that you won't have a deadline to submit homework and won't have to shell out $3000.

Take a look at his "course outline" and either encourage him to keep going or suggest things you want him to add or change. Tell him "Alfred sent me."

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