Starter Kits for Windows Mobile Device Programming

A lot of people are interested in including some programming for mobile devices (Pocket PCs, SmartPhones and the like)  in their programming classes but are not sure where to start. There are some differences in the .NET Foundation classes for the Windows desktop and for the mobile devices subset. One thing that can be very helpful is a sample application that does some real work that one can read through, modify and otherwise use as a learning tool.

There are now a number of starter kits for programming Windows Mobile devices. These are fully functional applications that you can modify and enhance or just read through to learn from. Well you could just use them as well and the game does look interesting.

One kit is in C++ and the others are in C#. No VB that I saw - what's up with that? - but maybe there will be more later. One can hope.

The existing kits include a game and web browser (with tabs) and a "today" screen. Go check them out.

[I found the link at the UK Academic Team blog. Thanks!]

Comments (2)

  1. orcmid says:

    Well, the prerequisites are a little steep.  

    An academic license might soften the pain, but I’m not sure it works for self-instruction where academic licenses are not available.  

  2. AlfredTh says:

    For schools the issue should be a small one with the MSDN AA program making it very inexpensive to aquire the full Visual Studio .NET. I agree that it can still be difficult for the hobbyist or independent student. That is something we need to work on some. I’d be happy to help individuals as much as I can with the resources I have (which are not unlimited of course.)

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