Fundamental CS Principles Animations

The University of Tennessee- Knoxville has a website that contains a series of animated presentations that describe some fundamental principles of computer science.  There are modules there that describe:

  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Data Representation of numbers
  3. Data representation of text
  4. Data representation of images and sound
  5. Basic networking and the Internet

These are resources one could easily assign students to view on their own during a study hall or other time when the regular computer teacher is missing but you still want kids to actually learn something. Or they could be used as a regular part of a class in computer history or computer literacy. Actually I can think of a lot of times and courses that could benefit from these modules. In fact I may send this link to some adult members of my family so I don't have to explain these principles to them myself.

These materials are very well done. Get to them at

Comments (4)

  1. Ken Hawkins says:

    Excellent short animations for computers. I could sure use a lot more of these for teaching, like animation of signals on PC between Processor, RAM, and HDD, as well as data transmission on a parallel bus, such as PCI, or ISA.

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