UK Academic Team (higher ed) is blogging with XNA information

For those of you in higher education and/or if you at based in the United Kingdom (and maybe some of the rest of you) I'd like to let you know that the Academic team in the United Kingdom is now blogging. This blog looks to be off to a good start.

Of particular interest are a couple of recent posts on XNA that may also be useful to teachers looking at using XNA in secondary schools (or earlier). In this post Andy talks about the way licensing for development on the Xbox 360 and some of how he hopes to make it easier for schools in the future. You should know that while XNA Studio Express is free and that using it to develop games for Windows is completely free there are some additional costs associated with developing for the Xbox 360.

They are not outrageous costs if you think that textbook prices are not outrageous (they are inline with top end textbook prices) but we are aware that any cost at all is an issue at a lot of schools. So we're working on it. But Andy's post will give you a good idea of what the current situation is.

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