Looking for Teachers who are using Code Rules

It's the time of year again.

It appears that people are starting back to school in parts of the US (I've been hearing from Florida and Texas a lot lately) and the rest of the country starts soon. My wife (middle school librarian) and my son (elementary school special ed teacher) go back next week. One thing this has meant for me is a lot of questions about using Code Rules.

Code Rules is a curriculum for teaching Visual Basic .NET that is usable at the early high school and at some middle school levels. It's free and you can get it from the MainFunction website. (Create a free account there and look for it as the Visual Basic course in the curriculum section.)

I haven't had the chance to try Code Rules out in my own classroom so I'm not the best one to answer a lot of questions that have to do with:

  • Pacing - how long do you spend on each module?
  • Implementation - Do you have students read the material at home or at school in class.
  • Curriculum - do you have a curriculum that shows how you use Code Rules as part of a larger course or as an independent course? Would you share it with others?
  • What other related resources do you use?

I've started a thread at the online forums at MainFunction to discuss Code Rules. If you have things to share please drop by there and give us your thoughts. Thanks!


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  1. My friend Dave Jacobus is blogging again and provides a look into how his school year is going. Dave

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