Using A Web Site to Manage Classes

Chris Higgins is a first year teacher of math and computer science. In his blog he layes out his plan to use a website to help manage his classes and interact with his students.

He plans to use blogging and online forums to list homework and other assignements and to let students ask questions about these assignments. It will be interesting to read his blog through the year to find out how it works out.

I think that young tech savvy teachers who are willing to try new things may help change the way we teach in  the future.

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  1. Mr.Higgins says:

    I hope that my inexperience is not only an opportunity to learn but entertainment for others.  My website, wiki, and Tablet PC are big parts of my instruction.  Pedagogy and classroom management is where my skills need and are going to grow throughout the upcoming years.  Hopefully my blogging serves as a great way to reflect and look ahead.

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