Computational Thinking

I spent last Saturday (and actually part of the day before) at Carnegie Mellon University at a workshop for high school computer science teachers called CS4HS. The workshop started with a talk by Jeannette Wing, the head of the Computer Science department, who talked about Computational Thinking. It was an inspiring talk and I highly recommend her paper on the subject. Actually though I wish you could all hear her give the talk. The paper is good and it has most of the information she gave in the talk but you can tell how fired up she is on the subject when you hear her talk. She is a very dynamic speaker to say the least.

Dr. Wing really believes that everyone needs to know computational thinking and that it should be in more and more of the curriculum at all levels. I think if more people heard and understood the message she is giving we’d be better off. Take a look at her writing and let me know what you think.

[By the way. I’m on vacation this week so this was written earlier for display later. Response to comments will be slow.]

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