Meeting the technical challenges of the future

For the first time in several years I am not at Microsoft Research’s Research Faculty Summit. It’s a great conference but with changes in my job and different responsibilities I wasn’t able to make it. Fortunately some of the talks have been webcast. The summit started with a panel session on "Meeting the technical challenges of the future" featuring Dean Richard Newton of UC Berkeley, President Dan Mote of University of Maryland, Richard Russell the Associate Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Lucy Sanders the CEO of the NCWIT, and Microsoft's Craig Mundie. The replay of the webcast is here.

It is an interesting discussion to watch and listen to. The first hour is mostly the panelists talking about a number of interesting things. But the real meat of the webcast is the question and answer period that starts after the first hour (if you are short on time Windows Media Player lets you slide down to that). I suspect that I could write about a half a dozen blog posts just on things that come up during the Q & A.

If you are interested in hi-tech educational, research and career issues you should really find some time to watch this webcast.

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