Will I see you at NECC?

Pat Phillips and I will be hosting a Birds of a Feather session at NECC for teachers interested in teaching Visual Basic .NET. So if you are going to be at NECC and teach VB or plan to teach VB or think you might want to teach VB we'd really love to see you there.

What: Visual Basic Birds of a Feather

Day: Wednesday, 7/5/2006
Time: 5:15pm– 6:15pm

Location: San Diego Convention Center
Room: Sails Pavilion

Table: B01

We're both going to be at the CS & IT Symposium on July 8th right after NECC as well. Have you signed up for that?

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  1. Today was the last day of school for teachers in the district that my wife (a librarian) and my son (fifth…

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