IT Employement Reaches Record High in U.S.

InformationWeek reports that there are now more people working in the IT field in the US than at any time in history. That includes the peek of the dot com bubble. The unemployement rate for IT workers is down to 2.5% which is a pretty low number.

I've been talking to university faculty who are telling me that companies are calling them all the time looking for bright young computer graduates to hire. But the universities are not turning out enough students to meet the demand. I would say that suggests some real growth in the employement market.

Sure there are some jobs going overseas but there are more and more computing related jobs opening here in the US as well.  But it is not just ordinary programmers that companies are looking for. They are looking for highly trained software engineers. It's not enough to just know how to code - you have to know how to design well, work in teams, and build on a solid educational base of knowledge. Time to think about getting that degree rather than just getting by on what you can teach yourself.

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  1. Hi Mr Thompson, you left a comment on my blog about Alice text books, thanks for the input.  I love your blog, so much info.  I think I’ll check out Visual Studio Express, & see what I can teach myself.  I’m going to have to leave the degree part to my daughters, who I’ll start sending to college in 2 years.  Never worked in IT, but it’s my hobby.

  2. AlfredTh says:

    Good luck Dave. I think that IT in general and programming in particular are a lot of fun. I know that I write code for the fun of it.

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