Seidenberg School Summer Experience

The Seidenberg School Summer Experience is a special summer program at Pace University for top high school computer science students. This program is looking to accept up to 20 students for an expense and tuition paid summer program in New York City at Pace. Students should be current year Juniors to qualify. The goals of this program as stated at the web page are:

  1. To help identify the inaugural class of Seidenberg Scholars who will
    enroll at Pace in fall 2007

  2. To hold a creative, interactive, and entertaining multi-day experience
    connecting top high school students with Pace University and its faculty

The Seidenberg Scholars program will receive full tuition to study computing at Pace. So besides the opportunity for a valuable educational week this summer these students will have a chance to get a full scholarship to a great university.

Applications must be in by midnight May 5th so if you know a student who may qualify and who could benefit from this program tell them about it now.

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