How well do you understand phishing?

A co-worker (thanks Diane)showed me the Internet safety web site run by MSN. One of the pages was all about phishing: what it is, why it is a problem and how to recognize it. There is even a test to see how good one is about picking out the valid email from a valid company and a scam email from a phisher trying to trick you. Send your students who think they are too smart to be tricked there and find out just how clever they really are.

This is a very useful site for use in any class about Internet safety. It is valuable for anyone that uses the Internet though. I've sent email off to everyone in my family suggesting they visit the site.

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  1. Pat Phillips says:

    Thanks for the great pointer to these valuable resources for teachers and students also.

    I have added the link to a recent Editor’s Corner on MainFunction on Teaching Ethics and Online Safety.

    Between the resources there and this great site, there is more than plenty to create interesting class activities to teach these important lessons.

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