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Kevin Schofield has opened up the discussion about computer science education at On10.NET with a new Education blog. His first post there asks about the kinds of information teachers and others interested in promoting CS education need to have on hand to make the case to students, guidance counselors and parents. He is particularly interested in how to get the right message to guidance counselors who seem to all too often tell students to go into anything but computer science. Jump on over and join the conversation.

BTW I see that the CSTA blog is taking up one of my favorite causes "Computer Science for all Students?" The thoughts expressd there are quite in harmony with Kevin's statments and questions at

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  1. just to make sure it’s clear, it’s really a blog on education in general, and not just computer science.

  2. Sally Nold says:

    As a gal that has gone from IT to Education, Kevin’s commentary hits home. To get kids (girls & boys) interested in IT early, they need to see the end product, the reward as quickly as possible. This is so much easier these days with available 4th generatation s/w that creates useable programs. Skilled mentoring is the key to quality programming. A book can teach so much. Good advice leads to good programming. How about using the IT industry itself to help support this?

  3. AlfredTh says:

    One of the things I have been doing in my role at Microsoft is to find ways to support both teachers and students. I’ve done a number of talks to large groups of students over the last year or so. I’m one person and don’t scale that way but we at Microsoft are looking to find more ways that we can support people in ways that do scale.

  4. Sally Nold says:

    Have you ever tried sponsoring competitions like the robot competitions or paper airplane competitions? These ususally get businesses and schools cooperating and collaborating. I’m going to take the time to look at your MSDN site, looks inviting.

  5. AlfredTh says:

    We have the Hoshimi Challenge ( which is a nice programming competition. I myself have worked with a FIRST Robotics team at the high school level. I’ve seen a lot of interest in the FIRST Lego League ( at the middle school level. I’d like to learn more about that.

  6. Sally Nold says:

    Glad to hear the Hoshimi Challenge is in place. MS is the new frontier for connecting with teens, tapping interests & excitement before the hormones start competing with brain power. On education in general, I am posing a question on my blog. Care to comment?

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