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Blake Handler keeps finding and sending me these links and I really have to share them. Microsoft is such a huge company and so many groups are doing things for education that it is hard to keep up with them. So I always appreciate it when people send me links like this that I can share with educators. We need to take advantage of the power of computers to improve instruction, collaboration and the way we run schools in general.

Increasing Student Achievement and Sharing Instructional Best Practices Using the Microsoft Office System

Under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, states have implemented measurements for determining whether their schools and local educational agencies are making adequate yearly progress in student achievement. Unfortunately, school districts are struggling to meet these requirements. A student achievement solution based on the Microsoft Office System enables teachers to collaborate with students in new ways, empowers students to track their progress by providing access to information on their achievements, and helps school districts meet NCLB requirements.

Student Achievement Interactive Demo

K-12 Classroom Collaboration for Students, Teachers, and Parents Using the Microsoft Office System

Teachers are under increasing pressure to improve student performance while engaging parents and making activities within the classroom transparent. Unfortunately, school districts are struggling with swelling student-to-teacher ratios, disengaged parents, and increased performance reporting requirements. A K-12 classroom collaboration for students, teachers, and parents solution based on the Microsoft Office System enables teachers to give parents access to curriculum and assignments, enables peer-to-peer collaboration with teacher and parent involvement, and helps parents engage in the educational process within and outside of the classroom.

K-12 Classroom Collaboration Interactive Demo


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