NECC Schedule is Out

The National Educational Computing Conference schedule is out. My good friend Pat Phillips is giving a presentation called A Video Game Curriculum for Computer Science. It promises to be a very interesting session.

NECC is the big educational computing conference and they are expecting "16,000 teachers, technology coordinators, library media specialists, teacher educators, administrators, policy makers, industry representatives, and students from all over the world." I've been in the past and am planning on attending this year as well.

It's not as computer science focused as I'd like but there are computer science sessions. There is also a Computer Science & Educational Technology Symposium on July 8th (the day after NECC but affiliated with it. I'm going to be giving a session on Windows Vista at the symposium. There will be a full schedule of interesting sessions for computer science and information technology teachers during the day.

The CS&IT Symposium is hosted by ISTE and CSTA and proudly sponsored by Microsoft. I've been attending them for years and while I was teaching high school computer science I found it to be one of the more valuable learning opportunities of the year.

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  1. Pat Phillips says:

    Thanks for the plug, Alfred. I am working hard to figure out just what HS CS teachers want to hear about game development as a teaching strategy and how the examples I have to share play into their needs and wants. I hope some of them will reply here to give me a heads-up on the content they are looking for.

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