Computer Science as Basic Science

Thanks to an ACM mailing list I found an interesting column by an Indian academic from IIT, Bangalore, that talks about Computer Science becoming a very basic and important science. One interesting quote is below:

We do need good physicists, chemists, material scientists and mathematicians. Computer science, if properly approached, will nourish the growth of every other science, be it astronomy, space science, nuclear science, biological science, materials science, or health science.

The column reports on a number of things including some presentations by researchers from Microsoft and academics, including Maria Klawe, dean of engineering at Princeton university and others, at "Tech Vista" a conference held in India not long ago. I really believe that computer science has to become more a part of a general, dare I say liberal arts, education. I think that column supports that belief. I recommend it. Also show it to your students and ask them what they think? Do they agree that we need more basic CS in out schools?

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  1. Squire says:

    I agree with the idea that computer science is helping us improve our knowledge of other sciences such as Maths , physics etc by providing new ways of analyzing or learning laws of nature.. but introducing CS in schools might not give us any immediate results. Broadly speaking CS is applied mathematics and engineering is applied physics.. It might be helpful if we have a firm foundation in maths / science and then start learning things about computers as CS is an applied field. We can improve our life as well as that of others.. if we have a good foundation in basic skills and then learn CS at a later stage.

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